Sony PlayStation 5 & Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bundle, Black,White

Sony PlayStation 5 & Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bundle, Black,White
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  • Get a new console and a game to match with this Sony PlayStation 5 & Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Bundle._____________________________________________________________Sony PlayStation 5 - 825 GBThe PS5 combines a custom CPU, GPU, and fast SSD storage to load up all your games in a flash. No matter how expansive. Get immersed in the story with 4K Ultra HD graphics at up to 120 fps for incredibly smooth, life-like action. The all new DualSense controller transforms the way you play. With haptic feedback you'll feel every bump on the road or gunshot you fire. And the adaptive triggers mimic the stiffness of a brake pedal or the tension of a bowstring. So you'll feel like you're a part of the game.Good to know- Ray tracing and HDR support bring every scene to life with hyper-realistic lighting and vivid colours- 3D audio puts you in the thick of the action whether you've got a headset or use your TV speakers- PlayStation Plus subscription lets you team up with friends and battle millions of players worldwide_____________________________________________________________PlayStation Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - PS5Five years have passed since the events of Jedi: Fallen Order and the Galaxy far, far away needs Cal's sabre more than ever. Things aren't looking good - the Empire is rising and the Jedi Order is crumbling. Good thing you've got new Force abilities, stances and lightsabre combos to help you. You'll need old friends too. So you'll be hitting up some weird and wonderful new planets while you get the crew of the Stinger Mantis back together. This space opera packs an expansive story and there's still plenty in Cal's past that you need to discover. And the funny thing with secrets is that the more you head into the darkness, the more they'll come to light...Good to know- You've got a Souls-like combat system to contend with - it might be tricky sometimes, but that's what makes it fun- Thanks to Cal's new traversal skills, equipment, and rideable creatures, battles will be wilder than ever- Now you can become one with nature... by using your environment to overcome obstacles!